Sorry, the WebCam is not currently running.

Here's a live shot of some of Jessica's flowers
-- jds

A current pic of the flowers should appear below.
If not, just reload this page to try again.
Unfortunately I'm using a cheap video camera for this
so, if you see the image as too red, it is over exposed.
If it it black, it's night time.
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The FlowerCam was done using an XCam Anywhere wireless video camera to feed live video into a Hauppauge WinTV (404) video capture card. I wrote a utility program to save the snapshot as a BMP file (I'd prefer to write it as a GIF or JPEG file, but Microsoft seems to have it's head somewhere quite dark and doesn't provide an API for this). Instead, for now I'm using a bmp converter from DevelCor. The XCam is interesting, but has its limitations such as no automatic exposure control.