Nepal Trip Disk 0

Namche Bazaar
Jessica in Namche
   She doesn't like the cold much...
Tibetan Camp in Namche
   These guys come in from Tibet with their yaks full of merchandise from China. In another hour or two they'll unpack all their stuff and start selling.
Mani Stone behind our camp in Namche
   These things are all over..
Yaks in Namche
   Those are 100% true yaks getting ready to be loaded up.
Namche Bazaar: Sakura Guest House
Another view of Namche Bazaar
Namche Bazaar
   Notice the trees on the right. These are protected by the army. Otherwise they'll turn into firewood.
JDS in Namche
   Just waiting to get going..
View from Namche
   JDS's head can be sean in the lower left..
Forest above Namche
Above Namche
   We went on a 'test hike' this morning to test ourselves at altitude. You can almost make out the sign for Gokyo and Tengboche that we took the next day.
Above Namche
   Another view..
Between Namche and Tengboche
   Looks like a nice hike for the next day. Nice views of Everest and Amadablam.
The Trail Between Namche and Tengboche
The Trail Between Namche and Tengboche
A Rock and Some Flowers
   Jessica really liked these flowers. We don't know what the common name is.
Trail to the 5 Star Lodge
   $100 per person for this place. Supposed to be nice. Has a great view of Everest.
From the top of Sangboche
   Looking at the pretty rocks.
   Don't know the name of this peak.
Jessica's new Friends
   Up above Sangboche.
View from Lukla
   We saw this nice valley shot on the walk from Lukla on the way to Pakhding.
   A view from around Lukla.
Another view from around Lukla
Another Farm Shot
   Probably close to Lukla
Prem & JDS
   Pretty close to Lukla
A cute little bridge
   This bridge is between Lukla and Pakhding. On the way back the bridge was completely out.
Pretty fancy Lodges
   Some of the lodges look really great from the outside and aren't really that bad on the inside. They're not as fancy as they might look though.. Between Lukla and Pakhding.
   Don't know.
Prem & Jds again
Jds hanging around our Lodge in Pakhding
   We waited a long time for our animals to show up. The animals had the tents and some of the gear for the kitchen.
Getting loaded in Pakhding
   Poor animals... Those bags are heavy!
The River valley between Pakhding and Namche
   Sure is pretty, but the water is always white...
Perty Flowers
A rest on the way to Namche.
   One should be able to see Everest, but..
Our first glimpse of Everest
   Poor Jessica. Looks so tired.
Jds looking pretty genki!
Animals on the Bridge
   This suspension bridge was really high. We had to climb up and down a fair bit on both sides to use this bridge.
Namche in the Evening
   We just got in..
The Tibetan Market
Forest and Prayer Flags above Namche
   More of Jessica's favorite flower on the trip.
   Probably above Namche
   Even more of Jessica's flowers
Porters on their way to Sangboche
   This was one steeep trail!
Forest above Namche
   Another view of that forest..


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