Nepal Trip Second Page

IMG001 - Still Looking Good
   Still pretty happy on the way from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche.
IMG002 - More Rocks
   More rocks between Namche and Tengboche.
IMG003 - Not going up there..
   Don't know where that goes, but we're not going there!
IMG004 - Holey Bridge
   This was one of the worst bridges on our trip.
IMG005 - Everest & Amadablam
   Just another pretty view.
IMG006 - Entrance to Tengboche
   Very pretty mandala inside the gate.
IMG007 - Mountains....
   Don't recall the name of this mountain.
IMG008 - Pretty cool...
   Jessica's looking cool on the way to Tengboche.
IMG009 - Hamming it up..
   Yup, a big ham.
IMG010 - Tengboche
   JDS with Everest and Amadablam in the background. This is the village we camped out in on the fourth night.
IMG011 - Tengboche Monastery
   Pretty high end monastery here. The even have solar electricity and kerosene heaters!
IMG012 - Jessica in Tengboche
   Jessica looking pretty cute in Tengboche.
IMG013 - Guy on a scooter
   A guy was riding a scooter down the trail making the day for the kids in the monastery. Of course it was a little underpowered and had to be pushed up the hill...
IMG014 - Stuppa in Tengboche
   A stuppa in Tengboche.
IMG015 - Lodge in Tengboche
   This is the backside of a lodge in Tengboche. I heard it was pretty crowded in there.
IMG016 - Tengboche Monastery again
   Another view of the monastery with a few more monks about.
IMG017 - Tengboche Monks
   A bunch of monks having fun. I don 't know if there is any meaning to the different colors.
IMG018 - Tengboche Monastery Offerings
   Some food offerings. Not sure what the cones are.
IMG019 - A View from inside the Monastery
   Yup, that's what it is.
IMG020 - Tengboche Monastery's Big Buddha
   Very beautiful detail that continues well above this photo. On the ceiling too..
IMG021 - Tengboche Monastery
   Just some detail on the paint work.
IMG022 - Tengboche view of the Valley
   A really nice valley view.
IMG023 - Tengboche Monk blowing Conch Shell
   Hey blew this several times calling the monks and followers to prayer.
IMG024 - Tengboche Conch Shell
   Notice the electric light. This is way out in the middle of nowhere. They have a very large solar cell array and alot of batteries.
IMG025 - Tengboche Conch Shell
   Another shot of the monk blowing the conch shell.
IMG026 - Tengboche
   Don't really know...
IMG027 - Everest from Tengboche
   This is a view of Mt Everest (Sagarmantha) from Tengboche. It was almost sunset..
IMG028 - Everest from Tengboche
   That, and a little lodge and tents (not ours).
IMG029 - oops
   View of the Sky from Tengboche.
IMG030 - Everest Sunset from Tengboche
   Lots of these pictures
IMG031 - Everest Sunset from Tengboche
IMG032 - Amadablam Sunset from Tengboche
IMG033 - Everest Sunset from Tengboche
IMG034 - Evereset Sunset from Tengboche
IMG035 - Everest Sunset from Tengboche
IMG036 - Everest Sunset from Tengboche
IMG037 - Amadablam Sunset from Tengboche
IMG038 - Sunset from Tengboche
IMG039 - Sunset shot of Tengboche Monastery
IMG040 - Tengboche Sunset
IMG041 Amadablam Sunset from Tengboche
IMG042 - Sunset Shot from Tengboche
IMG043 - Evereset Sunset from Tengboche
IMG044 - Reflection in Tengboche
   An artistic shot of Amadablam.
IMG045 - Another Artsy Shot
   That's Amadamblam in the reflection.
IMG046 - Wild Goats
   We saw a bunch of wild goats while we had our lunch between Tengboche and Dingboche.
IMG047 - A Water Powered Prayer Wheel
   Yet another water powered prayer wheel. This one between Tengboche and Dingboche.
IMG048 - A Light Load
   This was probably one of the smaller loads we saw a porter carry. Between Tengboche and Dingboche.
IMG049 - JDS and Dzoopke
   Just me waiting for a dzoopke to go by. Between Tengboche and Dingboche.
IMG050 - Tobuche Peak(?) from Dingboche
   This is where we had to turn back due to my altitude sickess.
IMG051 - Tobuche Peak(?) from Dingboche
   This is the old house that our staff used as a kitchen.
IMG052 - Tobuche Peak(?) from Dingboche
   Before leaving JDS climbed the ridge behind the house and a bit to the right. You can see the clouds moving in there..
IMG053 - Tobuche Peak(?) from Dingboche
IMG054 - More Prayer Wheels
   There were about 4 water powered prayer wheels in a row here. Very pretty, but noisy. Each one has a bell that rings once per revolution.
IMG055 - AMS & Dysentery
   A touch of altitude sickness and dysentery make for a special moment on the trail between Tengboche and Dingboche.
IMG056 - Tobuche Peak(?) from Dingboche
   Taken from the other side of the ridge behind Dingboche.
IMG057 - Tobuche Peak(?) from Dingboche
   More desolation behind Dingboche.
IMG058 - Another Fine Suspension Bridge
   Most of these have been replaced. Some of them though...
IMG059 - Another View of a Bad Bridge
   You can see right through this one.
IMG060 - Another view of the Bridge & River
   The water never slows down on this river!
IMG061 - Porters on the Bridge


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