Nepal Trip Disk 2

Jessica's New Friends
   This is above Sangboche on the way to the 5 star lodge. You might be able to see the sun/wind burned cheeks. You can see Everest and Amadablam in the background.
Jessica's Friends again
More of Jessica's Friends
   If you look carefully you can see cowpies flattened out on the stone fence to dry to be used as fuel during the winter.
Great View
Animals above Namche
   They were probably getting reloaded for a trek. Alot of Tibetans left there animals to graze in the hills while they were at market.
View from Sangboche
   Great View, eh?
The view from above Namche again
Lodge where Jessica met the two kids
   Above Namche at Sangboche
Dried Yogurt at the Tibetan Market
   I guess they chew on this..
Stuppa in Namche
   You can also make out the yaks in front of it and a little bit of the Tibetan market.
The Tibetan Market in Namche
   This is not the Saturday market btw. This is just sort of the leftovers. The Saturday market takes place on 3 of the terraces and is incredibly packed!
Yaks getting loaded above Namche
The Stuppa & Market again
The Tibetan Market with Fresh Arrivals
   Their merchandise is still all bundled up..
More Yaks & Merchandise
Tibetan Trader and his Goods
   Most of these guys carried solar cells and chargers around for their radios and lights.
Dinner tent in Namche
   It looks like this was taken right from our tent. You can see the shower in the lower left. It was a real treat after 3 days..
The View above Namche
   Got some really nice sunlight on it..
Looking up from Namche
   The lodges are mostly built of stone. Some are held together with cement, others by mud & stuff...
Yak, yak, yak...
Yak & Stuppa
Are we tired of yaks yet?
On the trail from Namche to Sanboche
View From around Tengboche
Sunrise Mountain Shadow
View Down from Namche
View Down from Namche
Sunrise Mountain Shadow
Sunrise Mountain Shadow
Yaks viewed from our Camp
The forest above Namche
Same yaks in Namche
Enough with the Yaks already..
On the trail to Tengboche
Top of the World: Everest
Another view of Everest
Everest and Amadablam
View from Namche looking down
Jessica in Namche
Jessica in Namche again
Just a village view
Mountains, don't remember
More of the forgotten mountain
Sunset on Everest
Sunset on Everest
Evereset Sunset
Amadablam Sunset
Amadablam Sunset
Jds in the Prayer Wheel
   I gave it a spin. Don't know if it helped yet..
Entrance to Sagarmantha Park
   Glad we made it out on foot...
On the way down from Namche
   Probably about the only time I worse pants was on the way down...
Jessica & Everest
   Happy to be coming down..
Kathmandu: Big Stuppa
   Supposed to be the biggest one. It's BIG! Our trekking operator lives around here. His family has a business making Carpets and Tonka (religious prints).
Jessica Hamming it up again
   This is an after shot I think... Notice the clouds. Clouds of no escape...
Jessica at the Prayer Wheel
   It didn't 'ding' for her. Uh-oh..
Jessica again.
   Still no 'ding'!
Kathmandu: The Big Stuppa again
Kathmandu: More Stuppa
Kathmandu: More Stuppa
Kathmandu: Prayer Wheels at the Stuppa
Thailand: A Floating Market
   We took a trip up from Bangkok.
Thailand: Yummy, yummy fruit
Thailand: Mangosteen on that boat!
Thailand: More Floating Market
Bangkok: The Penis Shrine behind the Hilton
Bangkok: The Penis Shrine behind the Hilton
Bangkok: The Penis Shrine behing the Hilton
Thailand: The Floating Market
Jds Ready for Halloween
   They were quite frightened at the office by this one..
Halloween: Another scarey shot!
Bankok: Our fancy plane
Jessica sitting on our nice rug
   This rug was a gift from our trekking agent.
Jessica sitting on our nice rug
   Another view


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